Seminar Presentation Session and Preparing Posters
Seminar Presentation Session

Contributed papers selected for presentation in the seminar format will be arranged into 2-hour period. In the first hour of the period, each author will present a brief summary (5min, maximum 3 overhead slides) in conventional lecture-room format during one of several parallel sessions. In the second hour of the period, all authors will concurrently present their work in more detail by means of author-prepared posters. The Congress will provide poster boards and stands. It is possible to display extra presentations and movies during poster session using own laptops running on their battery. Be sure to charge it full before the session. Wireless Internet connection (hotspots) will be possible in the congress building.

Suggestions for Preparing Posters

* .... -- --- -- -- -- --- 950mm ---- ----- --- ---- .... *
  • Posters should be prepared directly onto one sheets - 950 mm wide by 1400 mm high - or at least onto few large (A1 or A2) sheets. Posters made by taping together A4 or quarto sheets tend to look amateurish.

  • The lettering should be large enough to be read by someone standing 2 m back from the poster.
    The following text sizes are suggested:

    • Title: 2-3 cm
    • Authors' names and affiliations: 2cm
    • Section headings (ABSTRACT, RESULTS, etc.): 2 cm
    • The text itself should be of the order of 5-10 mm high.

  • For clarity, use lots of diagrams, lots of colour, and not many words.

  • Use phrases and short sentences in "bullet points".

  • It is recommended that the poster be divided into sections:

    • a one or two sentence abstract;
    • problem definition and/or aims;
    • methods;
    • results;
    • conclusions.

  • The rules for the preparation of good slides apply equally to the preparation of good posters:

    • keep them simple
    • avoid overcrowding and excessive information
    • use large lettering and thick lines
    • "one picture is worth a thousand words"

See detailed room and time congress schedule


Seminar presentations rooms "123", "124", "134", "144", "206", "208", "213", "219", "226", "231", "306", "309", "315" are equiped with computer projectors. However, we cannot guarantee that during allocated 5min for the presentation there will be enough time for presenting authors 3 slides from a computer.