Lecture Sessions
Lecture Presentation Session

Contributed papers selected for presentation in the lecture format will be arranged in 14 parallel sessions according to subject. A period of 20 minutes, including 5 minutes discussion, will be allotted to each paper. Standard equipment: overhead projector, PC, computer projector, and single screen will be available in each lecture room. Other audio-visual equipment (slide projector, VCR, 16mm movie etc) will be made available if requested before August 1, 2004. Simultaneous display on two screens (computer & overhead) is not planned. Authors using computer presentations are requested to upload their files to the Congress server and to bring copy of their presentation on the CD-ROM. Presentation files should be uploaded before August 1, 2004. Alternatively CD-ROM with computer presentation can be sent to ICTAM04 Secretary General by courier post to arrive before August 1, 2004. Too-Late-Comers are asked to bring transparencies for overhead projector, sorry.

The computer presentation must be readable by Microsoft based XP/2000 Windows OS (AcrobatReader, PowerPointViewer) or Linux OS (Ghostview, OpenOffice, MagicPoint). To avoid delays and technical problems, as a general rule, plugging of personal computers in the conference rooms will not be possible(*).

The uploading procedure is available for the confirmed papers only. Before preparing CD-ROM and/or uploading your presentation check few rules given below:

All uploaded or received on CD-ROMs presentations will be tested and prepaired on apprioprate lecture rooms on the congress organizer's computers for their display by automatic scheduler. Synchronization of 14 parallel sessions is our top priority. No changes/inclusions of the computer presentations will be possible after after August 1, 2004.

(*) If there is unsolvable problem with incompatible software, organizers may decide to ask speaker to bring his own equipment. Each stand will be equiped with a switch for additional computer where speaker's computer may be exceptionally connected. Any time delays due to this procedure count as the speaker's lecture time. Presentation will start automatically on time by displaying one page file with the lecture title and authors.

See detailed room and time congress schedule