Thursday, 17:00-18:30



Jacek GIERLINSKI; Ministry of Science, Poland

„European Research Programmes and Technology Transfer“

Mrs M. MUTER; Polish Contact Point

„European Mobility Programme -Maria Curie“



Session 1: Modelling

Chairperson: Prof. K. WILMANSKI, WIAS-Berlin, Germany

Introduction by Chairperson and 7 contributed lectures:

• Dr. Bettina ALBERS, WIAS Berlin, Germany

Porous and granular materials, transport of pollutants, surface waves in multicomponent systems

• Prof. Dr. Romesh BATRA, Clifton C. Garvin Professor, Virginia Tech, USA

   Computational solid mechanics, impact problems, metal forming, smart materials, functionally graded materials

• Prof. Dr. Wolfgang EHLERS, Head of the Institute for Mechanics, Stuttgart University, Germany

Mechanics of multicomponent systems, in particular: three-phasic in geotechnics, four-phasic in biomechanics

• Dr. Barbara GAMBIN, IPPT PAN, Warsaw, Poland

Functionally graded materials, piezoelctric materials, biomechanics, homogenization

• Prof. Dr. Gerard MAUGIN, Director of Lab. de modélisation en mécanique, Universite Pierre et Marie-Curie, France

Nonlinear waves, coupled fields, large deformations of solids

• Prof. Dr. Andrew N. NORRIS, Rutgers University, USA

   Acoustics, structural dynamics, composite and granular materials, elastodynamics

       (waves in layerded media, scattering, geophysical and ultrasonic applications)

• Prof. Dr. Martin OSTOJA-STARZEWSKI, Canada Research Chair in Mechanics of Materials, McGill University, Canada

    Stochastic (micro)mechanics (composite materials, granular materials, polycrystals, biomaterials), modelling and experiments


Session 2: Mathematical structure  of mechanics

Chairperson: Prof. J. SŁAWIANOWSKI, IPPT PAN, Warsaw, Poland

Introduction by Chairperson

Session 3: Technical Fluid Mechanics

Chairperson: Prof. K. BAJER, Warsaw University, Poland

Introduction by Chairperson and 4 contributed lectures:

• Prof. Henryk KUDELA, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

• Prof. Jacek ROKICKI, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

• Prof. Stanisław DROBNIAK, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

• Prof. Piotr DOERFFER, IMP PAN, Gdansk, Poland

Session 4: Smart technologies

Chairperson: Prof. J. HOLNICKI – SZULC, IPPT PAN Warsaw, Poland

Introduction by Chairperson and contributed lecture:

• Prof. Wiesław OSTACHOWICZ, IMP PAN, Gdansk, Poland




         - Tian Yon Fan, Y.-W. Mai, Beijing, Institute of Technology, China 

         - Leak Sharipova, Alexander B. Freidin, Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems, 

            RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

            On a model of heterogeneous deformation of elastic bodies by the mechanism of             

            multiple appearance of new phase layers.

          - Vadim Polezaev, Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS, Moscow, Russia

          - Katica Stevanovic-Hedrih, Mechanical Engineering University of Nis, Nis, Serbia


M-C Session mediator:

Prof. K. Wilmanski, WIAS Berlin