International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

The International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM) is held every four years. It provides an important means of meeting the objectives of IUTAM through the gathering of the mechanics community. The first ICTAM was held in 1924, in Delft, The Netherlands. The last one was held in 2000, in Chicago, USA.

Map of previous ICTAM Congresses

Members of the IUTAM Congress Committee

The General Assembly establishes a standing Congress Committee which is responsible for the organization of International Congresses of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at regular intervals. The members of the Congress Committee are appointed by the General Assembly as scientists active in theoretical or applied mechanics and need not be members of the General Assembly. Rules of procedure of the Congress Committee and its Executive Committee are given in the IUTAM Statutes.

Prof. Hassan Aref  (USA) 2004 , member of XCCC

Prof. Ted Belytschko  (USA) 2006 ,   representative of IACM

Prof. Martin P. Bendsøe  (Denmark) 2004 ,   representative of ISSMO

Prof. Dimitri Beskos  (Greece) 2006

Prof. David Bogy  (USA) 2004

Prof. Dick van Campen  (Netherlands) 2004

Prof. David Durban  (Israel) 2004

Prof. Fernand Ellyin  (Canada) 2006 ,   representative of ICM

Prof. Juri Engelbrecht  (Estonia) 2004

Prof. Norman Fleck  (UK) 2006

Prof. Ben Freund  (USA) 2004

Prof. Graham Gladwell  (Canada) 2004

Prof. Peter Gudmundson  (Sweden) 2004

Prof. Michael Hayes  (Ireland) 2006 ,   representative of ISIMM

Prof. Tsutomu Kambe  (Japan) 2004

Prof. Bhushan Karihaloo  (UK) 2004 ,   representative of ICF

Prof. Alfred Kluwick  (Austria) 2006

Prof. Valery Kozlov  (Russia) 2006

Prof. Edwin Kreuzer  (Germany) 2006

Prof. Yu Ku  (USA) 2006

Prof. Gary Leal  (USA) 2004 ,   representative of ICR

Prof. Peter Lugner  (Austria) 2004 ,   representative of IAVSD

Prof. Fernando Lund  (Chile) 2004

Prof. Keith Moffatt  (UK) 2004 , Chairman, member of XCCC

Prof. Peter Monkewitz  (Switzerland) 2004

Prof. René Moreau  (France) 2004 , member of XCCC,   representative of HYDROMAG

Prof. Niels Olhoff  (Denmark) 2004 , member of XCCC

Prof. Timothy J. Pedley  (UK) 2004 , Secretary, member of XCCC

Prof. Bernhard Schrefler  (Italy) 2006 , member of XCCC

Prof. Kazimierz Sobczyk  (Poland) 2006

Prof. Pierre Suquet  (France) 2004

Prof. Ernie Tuck  (Australia) 2006

Prof. Manuel G. Velarde  (Italy) 2006 ,   representative of CISM

Prof. Eiichi Watanabe  (Japan) 2006

Prof. Feng-Gan Zhuang  (China) 2004

Year, where stated, indicates end of term (applies to members elected after 1972)